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April Imani Smith has been empowering and encouraging young women from all walks of life through her trials, tribulations, and life experiences. She has proven to be resilient and steadfast in her growth and on this Journey called LIFE. 


Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL, she joined the US Navy as a young adult and after a successful career, she transitioned her professional endeavors and worked as a Staff Development Training Manager for Department of Children and Families. 


Entrepreneurship has always been a passion of hers and she has had her hand in several endeavors. 


In 2019 she fired her Boss and is a full time CEO for her award winning company, She IS Creations LLC, which is a custom apparel company, and in addition, has a line of empowerment affirmation tees, which encourage women to be the best version of themselves. 


She IS Creations has also birth her latest brain child, Bling Tees & Cocktails. A ladies night filled Bling and Things! 


As a Best Selling published author x2, she was determined to share her story to encourage young women across the globe that IT IS POSSIBLE and your current circumstances don’t dictate your future. 


She holds a BBA with a concentration in Organizational Management, Certified Crucial Conversations Facilitator, and Green Belt Six Sigma Certified. As a Creative Accountability Coach, she mentors entrepreneurs on how to create with purpose and maximize profits. 


Mrs Imani Smith is happily married to Omari Smith, and together they have 6 beautiful children and 1 grandson. 


She loves to listen to audio books, practice yoga, travel, spend time with family and friends and give back to her community. She is a proud member and former National President of Alpha Gamma Xi Military Sorority. You can connect with her at



Jennifer is a Navy veteran and has a Bachelors of Social Work from University of Texas at Arlington.


She currently works for Texas Veterans Commission as a claims benefits advisor. She has been with them since 2017 and has filed over 10,000 claims and appeals.



A country girl at heart, Alisha Brown strives to instill hospitality in all aspects of her business. As an Employee Relations Consultant and owner of Alisha D. Brown Career Consulting, LLC, she magnifies the relationship between employers and their employees through the execution of positive communications in their daily operations. With over 20 years of experience in the federal government human resource field, she has coupled this with her own philosophy to create strategic practices to keep employees engaged in the success of their careers. 


A Veteran of the US Navy, wife, mother of three (3) wise young men, aspiring entrepreneur, speaker, supervisory trainer, avid traveler and an active member of Alpha Gamma Xi Sorority, INC - where she holds the position of Southeast Regional Director - Alisha's goal of staying busy and productive continues to be accomplished. She thrives in an era where persuasive conversations are required and keeps her reaching for the next level of success. 


Be sure to connect with her on Instagram by searching #adbrownconsults. To learn more about her expertise, visit her website at



With a very quick reality check, the utmost love for helping others, and the vehement passion for entrepreneurship, Shonda Taylor is ignited with a true passion and has established herself as a premiere go-to credit repair agent.


After launching Credit Up America LLC in 2016, Ms Taylor also went on to become a top producer in the real estate field. Now as a newly engaged real estate agent with ONYX REALTY PROFESSIONALS, Ms. Taylor is highly sought after!


"It is never too late to buy your first house, it is never too late to boost your credit score, it is never too late to help someone else, and most importantly it is NEVER too late to ask for help. Never give up and always go for more than expected. If I can, you can, and then we can."



Having a heart for service is not for the faint, or the self-centered. Natasha Y. Smith is neither and has been a servant of the people from an early age. Having watched the examples of both her parents and grandparents, she strives to bring value to all she encounters in excellence and in truth. Her professional experience reflects her love for people and her reward is always the relationships she develops in the process of simply being real and relatable with everyone she encounters.

A military child, with roots in New Orleans, Louisiana, Natasha joined the United States Air Force in February 2003 after matriculating through the Accounting Program at Grambling State University. With 18 hours remaining to degree completion, she could not shake the intense feeling to travel. Joining the Air Force allowed her to do that and discover her passion in the process.

After serving 16 honorable years in the best force, she began a part time side hustle as an event and party planner. She established Poised Affairs Events in January 2018 and has not looked back. Poised Affairs specializes in professional events such as business meetings, conferences and product launches where she streamlines the planning process to offer a vision structured, attendee inclusive, time conscious event for her clients. 

From Poised Affairs Events, the blogging voice Professor Poised was born. When asked by her non-sexual life partner (NSLP or best friend) in 2019, to be a contributing blogger for her BAye Hive Blog, she gladly accepted. With her blog contributions, she brings wisdom and knowledge to the BAye Hive Blog, giving readers the real in a P.O.I.S.E.D. way.

In June 2020, Natasha launched Anomalous Black Women Podcast alongside her NSLP. Currently in their second season, they seek to reach and connect the minds of those who naturally and unapologetically think, speak, act and live their unique lives out loud!

Most recently, Natasha has gone back to her money roots and established Poised Life – Financial Legacy Planning, thus creating the umbrella “All Things Poised.” She has also emerged as a public speaker, and contributing lecturer for Ferris State University’s management and leadership classes. All of this and she still finds time to serve her veteran community as a member of her Alpha Gamma Xi Military Sorority’s Executive Board.

Natasha has earned an Associates in Applied Science Electronic Systems Technology from the Community College of the Air Force. She also has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration-Management from Saint Leo University and currently pursuing her Master’s in Business Administration at the University of Dallas. 

In her spare time, she loves anything related to the fine arts and is a creator herself. She also enjoys hiking and teaching herself to play the acoustic guitar. Her life goal is to achieve financial freedom and travel around the world at will. Through all of her adversity, she strives to be a better version of herself day after day. In a world where so many are lost, her daily interactions keep her grounded. A leader by nature, a servant at heart. 

You can connect with Natasha Y. Smith at

IG: @professorpoised,


@poisedlifeboss and


Twitter: @professorpoised




Email: if you would like to be a guest on the podcast. 











Brenda is a mother of two wonderful boys 16 and 7; which one is a special needs child.  She is  a veteran of the Armed Forces (Army).  She received her Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of South Alabama and her Master’s of social work from Hawaii Pacific University.   She obtained her license in SC March 2019 and GA 2020. 

Licensed Master Social Worker, author, entrepreneur.   She has certifications and expertise in a vast array of therapeutic interventions.  Such as: domestic violence, forensic social work, Trauma focused CBT and many more.  Currently, she is working as a mental and behavioral health therapist for adolescence; but has experience working all the way to senior citizens.  

Self proclaimed The Relatable Therapist.  This Army Veteran is set on a self journey to heal old wounds by empowering others to be their best and finding their potential.  Brenda is the founder of Legacy Counseling who's motto is “What will you leave behind?”  Everyone has a story I am here to help you find it and build your legacy.  Her roots are sewn in the same circumstances and life experiences. She is a bold, opinionated and not scared to get into good trouble.  I will fight for what I believe in.

As a born leader and fierce therapist.  My goal is to bring black mental health to the forefront and  advocate for better diagnosis, access and education.  She is dedicated to teaching and mentoring future social work activist with the knowledge and skills to continue to build the legacy of black mental health.  

She lives professionally by advocacy, empowerment, honesty and hard work.  She will not have you do something that she would not do herself.  I believe the hardest part of seeking help is admitting you need it.  Her job is not to judge you, but set you on a course of self fulfilment.  

She is here to help build your story and legacy.  Her only question to you is; “What will you leave behind?”

Connect with Brenda by:

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